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Batch Reactor Addition

  • Laser scan utilized to capture existing field conditions
  • Added new reactor, agitator, feed pumps
  • Significant structual steel upgrades to tie into existing structure
  • Piping system design performed in AutoCADD Plant 3D
  • Integrated new functionality into an existing DCS control system

Terminal Upgrade

  • Multi-disciplined engineering to support FEL 2, FEL 3, and detailed design
  • Barge on / off-loading
  • Truck on / off-loading / new truck rack
  • Nine (9) new pumps – distribution and infrastructure support
  • New tank gauging systems, metering, and PLC based control
  • Tank / truck vapor and odor control
  • Earth / dike wall modifications

Product Transfer Line

  • Detailed design of new refined product transfer line including 4,000 ft of 12″ / 16″ DOT piping
  • CONRAIL pipe bridge structural evaluation using RISA 3D
  • Prepared CONRAIL permit package with P.E. sealed drawings
  • New structural pipe support design

Drum Thaw Building

  • Design and construction of new drum thaw building in eight months
  • Drum oven building design
  • Utility piping and support systems
  • Building power distribution
  • Automated temperature control design

PSM Program Facilitation / Implementation

  • PHA facilitation utilizing one of AED’s subject matter experts
  • PSV study and implementation of program for PSV evaluation / replacement
  • Assist a core client with HAZOP facilitation expertise for ongoing PHA program

Zinc Risk Mitigation

  • Reduction of steam heating systems from 50psi to 15psi
  • Implementation of 26 Safety Instrumented Functions
  • Tank modifications for new SIS instrumentation
  • Energy study model developed
  • Retrofit piping systems including incorporation of new desuperheaters

Crude By Rail Terminal Upgrade

  • Steam heating of railcars utilizing refurbished hot oil heater
  • Tank upgrades including mixers, immersion heaters, and insulation
  • New crude transfer pumps including new foundations, piping, power distribution, and controls
  • Electric heat tracing for over one mile of pipe

Refinery Soot Blower

  • Modular design of eight soot blowers for existing furnace
  • Multi-discipline effort including piping, civil / structural, electrical, and instrumentation / controls
  • 3D design utilized for both demolition and construction deliverables
  • Modular design enabled timely installation during refinery turnaround

Dcs Conversion With Turnaround Planning And Construction Management

  • Replacement of existing Modicon and Provox hardware with new DeltaV
  • 1,200 loops
  • Facilitated the turnaround planning utilizing Interactive Planning
  • Provided Construction Management for the three-week turnaround which was completed four days ahead of schedule

Process Data Acquisition

  • Unit-by-unit P&ID walkdown / validation
  • Assembly of process data for each piece of equipment, control valves, and pressure relief valves
  • Generation of unit Process Flow Diagrams including heat and material balances

Program Management

  • Management of a program of multi-discipline projects
  • Utilize on-site, home-office, or multi-office execution strategies
  • Generation of a Program Execution Plan
  • Engagement with all client Stakeholders
  • The program concept generates consistent and predictable project outcomes